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Marni Grossman Photography is a full service production company. Our dedicated and experienced specialists ensure that each project is produced and executed with the utmost amount of skill, efficiency and creativity.


Art Print Purchasing, Image Licensing & Art Rental

All photographs on this site are available for purchase, licensing or rental.

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Art Print Purchasing 

Contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing an archival quality art print for your office, home or gift. Custom art prints are available in two sizes, medium and large. I do my own custom printing for all prints 24" wide or smaller and use sustainable papers  when possible. Papers selections are available.  Hahnemuhle sustainable papers are recommended. Inquire.


Image Licensing

Photos can be licensed as stock images for brands, websites and business solutions. Inquire.


Art Rental

For art directors and production designers, galleries and home staging. Inquire.


Film & TV

Unit set stills, set side photo shoots, art department backdrops and fine art rentals.

Architectural Photography

Creative photography for commercial real estate companies, architects, designer's and high-end residential agents is an asset in today’s competitive marketplace. Strong visuals greatly enhance your brand, and can provide unique solutions to many other areas that drive your business forward (i.e.) leasing suites, annual reporting, social media and advertising.

Pro-social and/or Collaborative Projects

Marni Grossman Photography is a proud supporter of pro-social and eco-friendly projects. Please contact us with any ideas!
We’d love to hear from you.

Brand Building

Establishing your brand with strong visuals is crucial for marketing, advertising, and creating a unique online presence.

Digital Retouching & Image Optimization

Marni Grossman Photography offers post-production image editing. Inquire.

Marni brings a fine art approach to commercial photography. She helps her clients build a strong brand message through creative imagery. Her main objective is to assist her clients in achieving their ultimate, actionable goals.

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