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About Me

“Grossman’s work as a photographer is less about composing the shot and more about becoming a medium for the fleeting canvasses of art she finds around her." 

Toronto-based Marni Grossman celebrates over three decades of photographing both the bold and subtle strokes of life around her, from the imposing skyscrapers of Toronto to the elusive Spirit Bears of British Columbia, from the glamour of Hollywood to the stark realities of homelessness. Her clean aesthetic combines a creative simplicity between light, shadow and line, endowing her subjects with a powerful, yet honest, appeal.


She began her career in the film and television industry, amassing 35 years’ experience, numerous credits, and a still-relevant reputation. She is considered one of Canada’s leading stills photographers, with a who’s who list of celebrity portraits including Michael Douglas, Jeremy Renner, Susan Sarandon, Sir Peter Ustinov, Gerard Butler, Michelle Williams, Will Farrell and Renee Zellweger.


In 2003, Grossman travelled to West Africa and turned her camera towards the extraordinary that she found in ordinary life there, particularly among the local drummers. This experience deepened her commitment to elevating the ephemeral beauty of the natural world. Marni’s photographic adventures led her to Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest, where the fragility and nobility of its sacred and elusive White Spirit Bear captured her own spirit. While photographing this threatened habitat and vulnerable species, her desire to help protect and record what is endangered, esoteric, and exquisite was intensified.


Marni’s work in urban landscapes is equally compelling, incorporating a fine arts sensibility while also exploring the abstract. Even when photographing skyscrapers, Marni finds what is primary and naturally occurring in shape, colour, and texture. Marni photographs with a desire to preserve – in the frame as well as in the landscape – the tenuous magnificence of places where not many people get to walk.


Marni is a long-standing member of PPOC, IATSE 669 and Sony Pro Support.. Her work has been published worldwide in such noted publications as New York Times Magazine, People, Us, Variety. Her Environmental Impact work has been published in a series of educational documents and books as well as marketing materials and reports for Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Forest Ethics, Nature Conservancy and TRCA. When not traveling, Marni is involved with the Toronto Fine Arts Community as well as environmental and other social/environmental impact organizations. 

Marni operates an eco-friendly commercial/architectural  photography business.

edited by Eli Ingraham

Feature film agent: Barb Lakin

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